Do we build the creative piece as a group or do we work individually?
It’s your project so you can work on it however you need to! Individually is the standard but feel free to ask your peers for help and feedback.
What if I want to attend with a friend or group?
Absolutely possible. Just indicate that on the application.
Will all participants be randomly selected?
Nope, they are being selected for best fit.
Is 2.5 days really enough time to make creative matter?
If we are honest with ourselves about what actually can be created in 2.5 days. It’s crucial that you finish your project, event if thats a simplified version.
Are meals included in the price?
They are indeed. If selected, we will ask participants about food preferences and allergies.
What if I need to report an incident during the stay that makes me uncomfortable?
I will be on hand for any issues that pop up. Action will be decided on a case by case basis.
Will transportation be provided?
Ground transportation from a central point in St. Louis will provided, carpool style.
How will you know the group isn’t taking advantage of this space (i.e.: acting as if the opportunity is a vacation)?
If I notice that issue then i will work with the participant on refocusing. If the problem persists then i will ask that participant to leave.
Will someone be present at all times – acting in a camp counselor role?
Yes (but without the whistle and cliche leftover sunscreen on the nose). I will be present in the space the whole time.
Will we need to present our creative piece at the end of the retreat?
Definitely. We might even do a “premier” night in the future for participants to show off their projects (even if they are unfinished) but it hasn’t been decided yet.
Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, the retreat is 21+ and B.Y.O.B.
Will I need to sign a waiver?
You will. If you’ve ever signed a liability waiver before it will look very similar to that.
How will you be accepting payment?
Cash or check. No credit cards for the time being.
Are cell phones (or other electronics) allowed during the retreat?
They are allowed.  We strongly recommend limiting usage of tech devices but for some projects you might need them and that’s totally OK.  Where the line gets crossed is when participants mindlessly waste time. What we offer is the ability to block social media accounts, take away cell phones (with emergencies going to the Facilitator), change and holding on to passwords for the weekend, and others. The participant will need to ask for any of these services, we wont force them on anyone.
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