Congratulations on being invited to the Beta Cohort of Creative Weekend.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need prior to making your decision. So let’s go over the basics first:

The Dates

Creative Weekend will take place from December 12th-14th.  Depending on the Cohorts travel schedules we may leave the evening of the 11th to maximize our time together.

The Price

$65 for the entire weekend which includes a 3.5 days cabin stay, food, water, and ground transportation. Any booze you would like to bring is on you.

The Cabin

The cabin offers a hideaway in the woods that’s within walking distance of beautiful fields and lakes but not too far from humanity (so this definitely isn’t a camping trip). It’s eclectic and quirky with a wrap around porch that looks into the forest.

Two things to note:

  1. A huge component of CW is disconnecting from distractions.  However, I recognize that some projects require some connection to the internet. If you need WiFi, please let me know and we will put together a solution. Cell reception is generally good if you need casual connection.
  2. There have been up to 10 people housed in this cabin previously but there are only 4 formal sleeping places (two singles, a queen, and a large couch). If you aren’t comfortable sharing a bed then please let me know.

The Timeline

Cohort Acceptance due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 23rd

Cohort public announcement Tuesday, November 25th

Payment due by Monday, December 1st

Social Media “Away Message” Thursday, December 11th

Creative Weekend December 12th-14th (Potentially leaving the Evening of December 11th)

The Waiver

Take a look at the liability waiver, which you will need to sign prior to the retreat.