Announcing Creative Weekend’s Beta Cohort

Linda Ma, Beta Cohort
Linda Ma, Creative Weekend Beta Cohort

Linda Ma grew up in Texas and went to school in New York. In college Linda studied neuroscience and behavior, was an editor of the undergraduate philosophy magazine, and took a photography class with Thomas Roma that changed her conception of art and life. Nowadays Linda is in med school and spends her time studying and squeezing time in between to read and sometimes try to write. Besides medicine Linda is interested in anthropology, literature, and film. Her favorite books are by James Joyce and Vladimir Nabokov. She also likes ancient Greek and Latin literature.

Project: “A short story, inspired by Ulysses and Nietzsche’s concept of the fusion of the Apollonian and Dionysian”

Kristy Meyer, Beta Cohort
Kristy Meyer, Creative Weekend Beta Cohort

Kristy Meyer got her professional start in marketing/sales/customer support working in the research and medical industries for 12 years before moving on to her own business in social media marketing in 2012. A long time yogi, Kristy also started her own Yoga business in 2011 and actively works to spread the concepts of the science of yoga. Most of Kristy’s creative focus is on communicating with people who need information in research, medicine and wellness.

Project: “A tumblr blog that is a series of short stories about a woman who time travels to her own past lives to release her karmic issues.”

Devin Tyman, Beta Cohort
Devin Tyman Creative Weekend Beta Cohort

Devin Tyman is excited to join the Creative Weekend Beta Cohort where he hopes to rekindle a relationship with his once creative self. As someone who is drawn to exploring, Devin can often be found running the trails or touring the city on his bicycle. Recently self-employed, Devin aspires to combine his skills in computer drafting with his interests in fabrication and cycling. Devin is excited to take a step away from corporate America to pursue his passions, he hopes to let creativity shape his future career path. He is committed to failing often in order to succeed sooner.

Project: “To discover and create functional works of art from an entrepreneurial lens. I will use a drafting software to capture new ideas and discuss”

Tim Walsh, Beta Cohort
Tim Walsh, Creative Weekend Beta Cohort

Tim Walsh wants you to know first and foremost that he is Dyslexic and Colorblind. Beyond that Tim served the US Navy from 1999 to 2004 in public affairs as a journalist. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Economics and his MBA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and now works as an education project manager at the VA. Tim also has a son named Ian who is perfect.

Project: “A product such as phone application that helps participants overcome procrastination.”